We support the Acts Global churches in Nepal. Prem and Lalita are the leader’s, their ministry is based in Kathmandu. They are committed to Leadership Development, Church Expansion and World Missions.

We also support the bible school for the church planting ministry across the country.

Since 2012, they have had over 100 student graduates who have begun ministries in different areas of Nepal using their gifts and calling. One of their churches is also a home for 9 children who lost their families and homes in the devastating earthquake of 2015.

Other areas we support for them is rice and blankets for families in the village. School supplies for children that are in need. We have also had the privilege of supporting local villagers in building their churches.

Missions trips

We run missions trips to Nepal to help Prem and Lalita serve their community.

Please connect with us to find out about the next trip.